“I met Kat about 15 years ago at a Wilmette park district pee-wee gymnastics class, when my kids were about 2 and 4.  Dylan, my youngest child needed extra help because of his autism and Kat was assigned to be his aide. She had the patience of Job, and was also tough as nails, even jumping into the bottom less pit of foam to retrieve my son who was definitely the only one who thought it was extremely funny to repeatedly jump in and refuse to get out!    Thru the years she was at times the only person who was really there to help our family deal with the struggles autism can throw at a family.  Now that my kids are older, we are even better friends, honorary sisters even!

Kat is now doing yoga for special needs people with both the Rimland center and Wondersteps yoga.  It is great to see her helping other kids and really changing their lives like she did for my son and our family.  I am truly blessed that she is in my life.

Kat’s mantra is: Dare to live your purpose in life. Growing to reach those goals and sewing seeds to benefit others.  and she lives IT..
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“It’s enabled my son to learn about his breath and his ability to calm himself. It’s also empowered him to be a leader and even allowed him to teach some poses”

~ Steph D.