Fall 2018 Registration at Kidnectivity!

Introduce your child to yoga and begin a lifetime practice that will help them connect to themselves and others. Yoga is about integrating the mind and body but is individualized by each person. Yoga offers children of all ages the opportunity to expand their horizons and provides tools for living and growing up in the world today. Yoga improves socialization skills, boundary awareness, focus, concentration, balance, coordination, overall physical fitness, motor skills, memory, reading retention, and speech via improved breathing and alignment. In addition, yoga increases sensory integration, strength and flexibility while teaching children tools to calm the body. Yoga is effective for children of all ages and abilities and unleashes the potential of every child.

Taught by Kat Matthews a certified instructor for Yoga Special for the Special Child® and recognized by the IYTA: Integral Yoga Teacher’s Association. Every class includes breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness practices.

FALL 2018
10 weeks – $200
Sept. 9th – Nov. 10th
Saturday’s 11:00-12:00pm

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If you would like to schedule general yoga sessions with Wondersteps, please call (847) 858-2047 or use our contact form and representative will contact you shortly.