Welcome to WonderSteps Yoga

Kat Matthews uses “Yoga for the Special Child®” -a comprehensive program of Yoga techniques designed to enhance children’s natural development. The method is gentle, therapeutic, and effective. Children learn to calm their body and quiet their minds resulting in regulation and self-awareness..

Yoga for the Special Child® classes use Yoga poses and meditation to balance the body and relax the mind.

Children learn yoga poses, deep breathing, and stretching exercises for:

  • Attention and Focus
  • Relaxation and Regulation
  • Body Awareness
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Motor Control and Coordination
  • Central Nervous System Function

Yoga for the Special Child® is effective for children of all ages and ideal for:

  • Sensory Integration / Regulation concerns
  • Low muscle tone / Hypotonic/ Hemiplegia
  • Lack of Coordination / Motor Planning
  • Strength/ endurance/Balance issues
  • Visual or perceptual issues
  • Self care and Life Skill concerns
  • Mental or Behavioral challenges
  • Focus / Self Awareness concerns
  • Social / communication issues